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Hi, great question, YES YOU DO! Because I formulated this in a creamy, velvety formula, if we were to package it in a wind-up pencil, it would break, it is truly not possible to get this PERFECT SMOKY EYE IN 3 MINUTES with a wind-up mechanism, the KEY to this product is how quickly, and smoothly a smoky eye can be achieved, therefore, this package is necessary to properly encase the formula, so spending a couple of seconds sharpening it is truly small price to pay for the convenience of a QUICK AND SEXY SMOKY EYE!

Another great question! It is not necessary, but throughout my professional career with supermodels, major magazines and all of my experience on the Red Carpet, "prepping" the eye area BEFORE applying the Eye Pencil, definitely helps the Pencil to "grip" onto something more than bare skin. Don't forget, your eyelid produces sebum oil and even if you don't think it does, believe me, it DOES and this can create a smearing effect if you do not "prep" the eye first. Even applying OVER eyeshadow helps. Because this formula is very sophisticated and is bees wax based, it will not absorb oil, so please, "prep" the eye are first so the Pencil can do its utmost best job for you!

YES! I totally hear you! from years of working with Supermodels and A List celebrities on the Red Carpet, smudge-proof is totally essential. I upgraded the formula recently to WATERPROOF as we had many customers requesting that and I am THRILLED with this new formula and the impeccable results. Hope you LOVE IT TOO!


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Yes 100% - we honor our customers and protect your privacy in every way possible.