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Artisan L’uxe Eye Pencil Sharpener is specifically designed for the Velvet Eye L'uxe Pencil and is a great tool for renewing your pencil eyeliner. The precise German blade and shape of the tool perfectly carves out a soft and comfortable dome cap for the pencil each time. This precise shape helps you to create the perfect smoky eye within minutes! The versatility and portability of this essential cosmetic tool makes it convenient, and superior to similar products made by other major cosmetic providers.
Using proper essential tools to sharpen your cosmetics is an important factor in getting the most out of your makeup. With this eye pencil sharpener, you avoid unnecessary breakage, that can occur when using low quality sharpening tools. All pencil sharpeners are not created equal. This sharpener gets the job done without grinding, eating or breaking the tips of your makeup pencils, extending the life of each product. Get a precise point for an exact, smooth, professional
The strong build, ergonomic design and high quality, rust-proof blade is designed to last for many years. This lightweight, yet durable eye pencil sharpener is the perfect tool to throw in your cosmetics bag without worry of the blade going dull. Able to accommodate cosmetic pencils with a 12 mm outside diameter.
With the ridged design on each side of the sharpener, you can maintain a tight grip as you restore each pencil. The ridges cover the entire length of each side, unlike many sharpeners with little design to assist with comfort and effective tool sharpening.

0.48oz  15 mL


Twist pencil into sharpener and rotate.


Solid article consisting with
Plastic (Polystyrene)
Steel (blades)
Screws (iron, non-ferrous metals and their alloys)

Quote from SUE


• Ok, I really need to reinforce this because according to some of our reviews, not everyone understands WHY I designed a formula that requires a sharpener. THIS IS WHY: Our formula is so creamy and sophisticated; it is not possible to offer it in a wind-up package. It would break each and every time - otherwise I would have! but to get the best and most out of the formula, and the quickest, easiest, most excellent result – you need to sharpen your eye pencil every few applications with our ergonomic eye pencil sharpener. I designed this sharpener specifically for our Velvet Eye L'uxe Pencils only, I cannot guarantee it’s right for any other pencil. Use it with our pencil and I promise it won't grind, eat, or break the tips of your pencil, extending the life of each one. The double German blade neatly carves out the perfect dome shape for a comfortable, quick and easy application – creating the perfect 3-minute smoky eye a snap! It also comes with a detachable sharpener cleaning tool that clicks into place on the top of the sharpener, so you can easily reach the shavings to clear them and keep your sharpener completely clean and hygienic. Enjoy! This is an awesome product! – and it’s essential.

About This Item

Created by international celebrity makeup artist and product formulator Sue Devitt, Artisan L’uxe offers an array of youth-empowering formulations that are high in nutrient-rich, skin-strengthening vitamins and minerals. Devitt has appeared as a beauty expert on ABC, NBC, Oprah and consistently provides A-list celebrities with high-performance, technologically-advanced formulations. Artisan L’uxe is luxury beauty that works.

The Artisan L’uxe product line was created based on Devitt’s experience solving the most challenging beauty concerns she’s encountered across countless runways, photoshoots, and red carpet events. Each ingredient has the maximum capacity to perform the function for which it was chosen.

Achieve opulent eye color with the Velvet Eye L'uxe jumbo eyeliner pencils. Their unique formulation and jumbo size allows you to intensify your own natural eye tone with a simple swipe of color. Flip the pencil to blend with our smudge-tip applicator, or continue to layer up to achieve a full-on smoldering, seductive, and rich smokey eye. For best results, use the Artisan L’uxe jumbo eyeliner sharpener, which was created to perfectly fit Velvet Eye L’uxe and produce a clean, smooth point.

Velvet Eye L'uxe Features:

Luxuriously smooth formulation contains finely milled silk powders, so formula glides on effortlessly
High-density pigments and jumbo size offer minimal effort and maximum color payoff
Long-lasting, water resistant and smudge proof, these eyeliners hold up to humidity
Ceramide and Hyaluronic Acid firms and hydrates the delicate eye area
Wildly sourced organic sunflower seed oil and chamomile extract soothes and nurtures the skin
Note: This product is NOT ideal for oily skin, as the excess oils will inhibit the eyeliner’s staying power. If using Velvet Eye L’uxe pencils on oily skin, follow application with a setting powder to extend wear-time.

Note: This product is NOT ideal for oily skin, as the excess oils will inhibit the eyeliner’s staying power. If using Velvet Eye L’uxe pencils on oily skin, follow application with a setting powder to extend wear-time.

Meet THE Must-Have Jumbo Eye Pencil for the perfect Smokey eye in 3 Minutes! - Note - our sharpener is required for this formula!
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Jumbo Eye Pencil Sharpener

3 Minutes to Flawless Smokey Eyes

It's never been simpler to achieve professional looking smokey eyes, thanks to the innovative Velvet Eye L'uxe Jumbo Eye Pencil. Packed with rich, high-density pigments and equipped with a built-in smudge tip, this eye pencil is as versatile as it is gorgeous. Just prep the eye area, apply the pencil to your desired intensity, and blend it out using the smudge tip. For a darker look, continue layering and blending until you're satisfied.

Innovative, Age-Defying Formula

The Velvet Eye L'uxe Jumbo Eye Pencil glides effortlessly onto the eye. It contains age-defying ingredients Ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid, which firm while regenerating the delicate eye area. Organic infusions soothe and nurture while silk powders and Nylon-12 offer optimum blending properties to ensure the formulation glides on seamlessly. Our five gorgeous shades were formulated to flatter every skin tone.

Intensify Your Natural Eye Color

A Smokey Eye doesn’t always mean dramatic eye makeup. Our Velvet Eye L’uxe Jumbo Eyeliner can also be used to simply intensify and accentuate your natural eye color. Apply a light swipe to your top and bottom lash lines, and blend outward using the smudge tip. Nylon 12 and finely milled silk powders offer optimum blending properties so formula glides on evenly, and is easy to blend in the most natural way.

Sharpening your Pencil is essential!

Our 12 mm professional-grade Jumbo Eye Pencil Sharpener is specifically designed for the Velvet Eye L'uxe Jumbo Eye Pencil. It is a premium cosmetics tool, meaning it will avoid unnecessary breakage caused by generic sharpening tools. The precise German blade perfectly carves out a soft and comfortable dome cap for the pencil each and every time, which helps you to create the perfect Smokey Eye in minutes.